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    KAMUI GAIDEN on Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray

    US trailer for KAMUI GAIDEN, courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. © 2009 Kamui Film Film Partners

    North American Release on December 28 Source: FUNimation Entertainment Official Movie Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Manny Alcala

    Blu-ray cover art for KAMUI GAIDEN. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. © 2009 Kamui Film Partners

    FUNimation Entertainment will release the live-action dramatic epic KAMUI GAIDEN on Region 1 DVD and Blu-ray on December 20th. Produced by Shochiku Co. Ltd., the film was released in September 2009 in Japan. An adaptation of Sanpei Shirato`s 1964 manga series of the same name, the movie is directed by Japanese Academy Award winner Yoichi Sai (BLOOD AND BONES), written by Kankuro Kudo (PING PONG) and stars Kenichi Matsuyama (DETROIT METAL CITY, DEATH NOTE). Both the DVD (SRP $24.98) and Blu-ray ($29.98) present KAMUI GAIDEN in its original 1.85:1 theatrical aspect ratio with both Japanese and English dubbed audio tracks. There are also 45 minutes of extras, including "Making Of" and behind the scenes footage. The following press notes are courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment...


    A Film by Yoichi Sai Presented by FUNimation Entertainment 120 min /Stereo/1.85:1/2009


    Kamui (Kenichi Matsuyama) once again fights for his life. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. © 2009 Kamui Film Partners

    Set in 17th Century Japan, KAMUI GAIDEN tells the story of Kamui, an outcast from society who dreams of someday escaping his miserable existence. Feeling that he is left with no alternative, Kamui trains to become a deadly Ninja, killing just to survive. A life of that revolves around kill after kill starts to get to the warrior. Kamui grows to despise the lethal rules that govern the Ninja, prompting him to leave the only world he knows. Now a fugitive from his former clan, Kamui goes on the run towards an uncertain future. The Ninja’s view on life changes after an incident brings him to a fisherman`s family. It is there he finally starts to open up to other people. Meanwhile, those hunting him are setting their trap. KAMUI GAIDEN boasts one of the largest budgets in the history of Japanese film history. Taking you on a journey by land and by sea, KAMUI GAIDEN is sure to capture the attention of audiences world-wide with its amazing action and colorful story.


    -CREW- Director Yoishi Sai Original Story Sampei Shirato Screenplay Kankuro Kudo, Yoishi Sai Music Taro Iwashiro Director of Photography Junichi Fujisawa, Tomoo Ezaki Production Designer Tsutomu Imamura Lighting Director Koichi Watanabe Sound Mitsugu Shiratori Editor Isao Kawase Visual Effects Supervisor Shuji Asano CGI Director Hiroyuki Hayashi, Akio Kazumi Costumes Kumiko Ogawa Special Makeup Estuko Egawa Action Directors Kenji Tanigaki, Masatsugu Takase


    YOISHI SAI Yoichi Sai has been a fixture in Japanese cinema for decades, as his immense talent was visible from the time he first began making films. Sai’s first film MOSQUITO IN THE TENTH FLOOR (Jukkai no Mosquito, 1983) was invited to be screened at the prestigious Venus Film Festival. In 1993, ALL UNDER THE MOON (Tsuki wa Dotchi Ni Dete Iru) hit Japanese theaters to much praise. The film won several prominent awards including Best Film at the 1994 Blue Ribbon Awards. Sai continued to release movies in the following decade, all becoming box office hits. In 2002 he released DOING TIME (Keimusho no Naka), followed by QUILL in 2003. In 2004, Sai won Best Director, the pinnacle of cinema success in Japan, at the Japanese Academy Awards for his film BLOOD AND BONES (Chi to Hone). His latest film KAMUI GAIDEN was released in Japan in 2009.


    Sugaru (Koyuki) tries to leave the Ninja clan. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. © 2009 Kamui Film Partners

    KAMUI -Kenichi Matsuyama (DEATH NOTE series, DETROIT METAL CITY, GANTZ) A lone Ninja who escaped his miserable surroundings in search of a better life, he is always on the run from his old master. His special techniques include the “Izuna Drop” and “Mist Kill.” SUGARU - Koyuki (THE LAST SAMURAI, BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE; KITARO) The wife of Hanbei, she shares a common past as Kamui. She fears the warrior will reveal her true identity to her new family. FUDO - Hideaki Ito (THE LAST MESSAGE- UMIZARU, 252: SIGNAL OF LIFE) The charismatic leader of a group of pirates, he travels around islands, killing sharks for money. Kamui suspects that he is also a Ninja, because of his fast moves. HANBEI-Kaoru Kobayashi (TOKYO TOWER- MOM & ME AND SOMETIMES DAD, QUILL) A skilled fisherman from the Kiga Island, Kamui saves his life while he is running away from Lord Gunbei and his troops. The fisherman invites Kamui to his home as a form of gratitude.

    Sayaka (Suzuka Ohgo) takes care of Kamui. Photo courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment. © 2009 Kamui Film Partners

    LORD GUNBEI - Koichi Sato (SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO) A cold-blooded ruler, he is in search of the man who killed his treasured horse. OGASHIRA/BIG BOSS- Ekin Cheng (THE STORM RIDERS, STORM WARRIORS) The leader of Kamui and Sugaru’s old tribe, he is on the hunt for both in order to eliminate them. SAYAKA-Suzuka Ohgo (MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA) Daughter of Hanbei, she cares for Kamui and eventually falls in love with him.


    Release Date: December 28, 2010 SRP $24.98 (DVD), $29.98 (Blu-ray) 2 discs 120 minutes English 5.1 Dolby Surround, Japan Dolby Digital EX English subtitles 1.85:1 aspect ratio (16:9) Extras • Behind the Scenes: Action Sequences featurette (approx 12 minutes) • Making Of documentary (approx 32 minutes) • FUNimation previews ©2009 "KAMUI" Film Partners.

    About Shochiku Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1895, Shochiku has established itself as a leading entertainment firm. Shochiku produces, distributes, and exhibits motion pictures as well as TV programs and has also become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of kabuki theater in Japan. The company has produced a number of critically and financially successful films, including the 2002 Academy Award nominee for best foreign language film THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI, directed by Yoji Yamada, the first Japanese Academy Award nomination for a live-action film in 22 years. Shochiku’s latest include DEPARTURES by Yojiro Takita, which was awarded for 81st Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film. Shochiku`s animation lineup includes VEXILLE, SUMMER DAYS WITH COO, SKETCHBOOK, LE CHEVALIER D`EON, SENGOKU BASARA and more.

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