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    SRS Cinema Acquires North American Rights to MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS

    The sea monsters Ikara, Takkora and Kanira tear through Tokyo in MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS, the new daikaiju film coming to home media
    in North America from SRS Cinema. Photo courtesy of Avery Guerra. ©2019 Monster Seafood Wars Production Committee

    Source: SRS Cinema LLC
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    Special Thanks to Avery Guerra


    Poster for MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS. Photo courtesy of
    Avery Guerra. ©2019 Monster Seafood Wars Production

    Distributor SRS Cinema has licensed North American home media rights to the 2020 daikaiju movie MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS (三大怪獣グルメ, San Daikaijū Gurume). Preorders are scheduled to begin in February for Blu-ray and VHS Special Editions which will ship in early 2021.

    MONSTER SEAFOOD WARS is the latest production from writer/director Minoru Kawasaki, the internationally renowned cult filmmaker behind such works as THE CALAMARI WRESTLER (いかレスラー, Ika Resurā, 2004), THE WORLD SINKS EXCEPT JAPAN (日本以外全部沈没, Nihon Igai Zenbu Chinbotsu, 2006), CRAB GOALKEEPER (かにゴールキーパー, Kani Gōrukīpā, 2006), MONSTER X STRIKES BACK/ ATTACK THE G8 SUMMIT! (ギララの逆襲/洞爺湖サミット危機一発, Girara no Gyakushū / Tōyako Samitto Kiki Ippatsu, 2008), EARTH DEFENSE WIDOW (地球防衛未亡人, Chikyū Bōei Mibōjin, 2014) and KAIJU MONO (大怪獣モノ, Daikaijū Mono, 2016). Kawasaki specializes in comedic movies, often featuring monsters and anthropomorphized animals, that use “Kigurumi Tokusatsu,” the traditional Japanese effects technique involving performers in full body suits.


    Yuta, a young master at the Tsukiji Fish Market, accidentally drops his meal of mixed seafood into the Sumida River. Some time afterwards a gigantic mutated squid monster arises from the depths and begins to wreak havoc upon an awe-stricken Tokyo. Attempts by the Japan Self-Defense Forces to stop the creature prove futile. As it seems things couldn’t get any worse an enormous mutant octopus monster emerges from the deep and heads into a clash of the titans with the gargantuan squid!

    As a last ditch effort, the government forms the “Seafood Monster Attack Team (SMAT)” and an all-new plan of attack is immediately put into action. But just as the tide appears to be turning in humanity’s favor, a colossal crab monster appears, joining in the Monster Seafood Wars and plunging the world into culinary chaos…

    About SRS Cinema LLC

    SRS Cinema LLC is among the leaders in ultra low budget indie film distribution, having evolved to it’s current form from it’s roots as “Salt City Home Video” in 1992. They have handled rights to over 300 movies domestically and worldwide. SRS Cinema now distributes DVD exclusively through MVD, while their Sub Rosa branch handles limited special edition VHS releases.

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