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    GODZILLA MINUS ONE Partners With Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Hot Spring Amusement Park

     The Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot spring amusement park will host a GODZILLA MINUS ONE collaboration starting in mid-October. Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    Source: Fujita Kanko Inc. press release
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    The all-weather hot spring amusement park Hakone Kowakien Yunessun ( Address 1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0407; Manager: Motonobu Matsuyama) will host a special event with the new movie GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0/ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan) from Friday, October 20, 2023 until Monday, January 8, 2024.

    This event is a collaboration between Yunessunwhich underwent a major renovation this past July -- the biggest since the spa's opening -- and GODZILLA MINUS ONE, a film commemorating the 70th anniversary of Godzilla. In addition, the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku in Tokyo, which is famous for its landmark ``Godzilla Head'', will also be included in this project, providing a system that connects Shinjuku to Hakone. Yunessun will be transformed into a ``Godzilla-class Yunessun,'' with interior decorations including an ``impressive and ultra-realistic Godzilla statue,'' a new Godzilla-inspired bath, original Godzilla drinks, and more. Additional details for the Godzilla promotion will be announced soon. 

     Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    “Hakone Kowakien Yunessun | GODZILLA MINUS ONE Godzilla-class Yunessun.” (『 箱根小 涌園 ユネッサン 』 | 『 ゴジラ - 1 . 0 』 「 ゴジラ級 の ユネッサン へ 。 」, Hakoneshō Kowakien Yunessun Gojira - 1.0 Gojira Kyū no Yunessan e.)

    In July 2023, Yunessun underwent the largest renovation since its opening and was transformed from a hot bath facility to a resort complex. The resort is now divided into four zones to enhance the appeal for guests.

     Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    Yunessun Area where guests can play in swimsuits (水着で遊べるユネッサン, Mizugi de Asoberu Yunessan)

    The new  flowing pool “BOXAPPY River” (ボザッピィリバー,  Bozappy Ribā') moves at a speed of about 2 km/h and runs around 80 m in about 3 minutes. There is also a 1m high air slide in the kids pool with a depth of 30cm


     Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    Mori no Yu where you can relax naked (裸でくつろぐ森の湯,  Hadaka de Kutsurogu Mori no Yu)

    This area features indoor and open-air baths inspired by Japanese style gardens. With baths appealing to women and men, laying baths, jacuzzi and a gezebo guests can enjoy moving from bath to bath. The scenery from the open-air bath is picturesque.

    The new “Motoyu Morinoyu Bettei Yasuragi” (元湯 森の湯 別邸やすらぎ, Moto Yu Mori no Yu Bettei Yasuragi) private bath is now open.


     Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    Shop & Amuse Tamate Box (ショップ&アミューズ たまて箱, Shoppu & Amyūzu Tamatebako)

    Guests can purchase Hakone souvenirs and enjoy fair days, snack goods, AR games, music, and more.


     Photo courtesy of Fujita Kanko Inc. ©FUJITA KANKO INC. All Rights Reserved.

    Mountain Sounds Camping & Spa (キャンプ&スパ 山の音, Kyanpu & Supa Yamanooto)

    Enjoy the fun of camping in the nature of Hakone without having to bring gear from home.


    GODZILLA MINUS ONE, the latest movie in the Godzilla series, will be released in Japan on November 3 and open in North American cinemas on December 1, 2023. For more on information, please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan...

    About Fujita Kanko Inc.

    Fujita Kanko Inc. is Japan‘s leading tourism company and the only company listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that specializes in tourism. They provide healthy, relaxing environments and friendly services in Japan and Asia through business operations in hotels, restaurants, banquets, weddings and leisure activities.


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    Toho Company provides high-quality entertainment to a wide range of customers through its film production, distribution, and exhibition business, which is solidly supported by its real estate business including the Shinjuku Toho Building and Hibiya Chante, animation production, DVD software production and sales, and TOHO Cinemas' efforts to expand its network of multiplex cinemas. Among these, "Godzilla," which has been around since 1954, is Toho's flagship IP that has many fans around the world and has been loved for many years.

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