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    GODZILLA RESURGENCE: More Exclusive High-Res Photos from Toho

    Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.

    Press Notes and Images from Toho
    Source:Toho Co., Ltd.
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    Teaser poster, courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.

    SciFi Japan is pleased to present additional photos from GODZILLA RESURGENCE (Shin Gojira), courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. As with our first RESURGENCE report, the images -- some new, some previously released -- are now shown in larger sizes and higher quality than previously available.

    Directors Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi have assembled a team of top actors to deal with Godzilla`s attack on Japan. The film`s lead role of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rando Yaguchi is played by Hiroki Hasegawa from Higuchi`s live-action ATTACK ON TITAN (2015) movies. His credits include Sion Sono`s WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL? (2013) and LOVE & PEACE (2015), PRINCESS JELLYFISH (2014), MOZU (2015) and SAILOR SUIT AND MACHINE GUN -GRADUATION- (2016). Hasegawa is highly regarded for appearing in a variety of genres, from action to drama to comedy, and bringing a unique take to each performance. His GODZILLA RESURGENCE character is described as "a figure with the courage to find hope from despair".

    Co-starring with Hasegawa is Yutaka Takenouchi from Toho`s hit THE APOLOGY KING (2013). Takenouchi is known for bringing a sense of stability to the characters he portrays, which made him an ideal choice to play Hideki Akasaka, a Special Advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister. Rounding out the lead trio is actress and singer Satomi Ishihara. Her credits include Hideo Nakata`s THE INCITE MILL -7 DAY DEATH GAME - (2010), SADAKO 3D (2012), SADAKO 3D (2013), MONSTERZ (2014), TIME TRIP APP (2014) and the ATTACK ON TITAN films. In GODZILLA RESURGENCE, Ishihara portrays Kayoko Ann Patterson, Special Envoy to the President of the United States.



    Kayoko Ann Patterson (Satomi Ishihara) and Rando Yaguchi (Hiroki Hasegawa). Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.


    Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.


    Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.

    About Toho Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1932 and headquartered in Tokyo, Toho Company, Ltd. is one of the leading entertainment conglomerates in Japan. Toho is best known worldwide as the producer of twenty-nine Godzilla motion pictures, based upon a character the company unleashed on the world back in 1954, and masterpiece films directed by Akira Kurosawa. Toho has been the number one distributor of motion pictures in Japan (both domestic and foreign) for eight consecutive years since 2003. The company is also, throughout Japan, the leading producer of theatrical works and one of the largest owners of office buildings and theaters.

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