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    More Godzilla and Mothra on Crackle

    Online Video Service Features Toho Titles Distributed by Sony Pictures Source: Crackle, Inc. Special Thanks to Chad Kaszer Sony Pictures Entertainment`s online video network Crackle, Inc. has made some new additions to their selection of Godzilla and Toho titles. The following videos can now be watched for free at (descriptions courtesy of Crackle)... REBIRTH OF MOTHRA (1996) A new Mothra takes to the air and must battle Death Ghidorah to save humanity. REBIRTH OF MOTHRA II (1997) Mothra`s twin nymphs and children from the city find a lost temple, as well as a giant monster that is attracted to environmental calamities. REBIRTH OF MOTHRA 3 (1998) While Mothra`s powers are no match for the dragon, he is sent to the past, in the time of the dinosaurs, to battle a younger, and apparently less powerful, King Ghidorah. GODZILLA: THE SERIES MINISODE- Talkin` Trash (1998) Time for “Godzilla vs. the high-tech garbage-eating Microbe.” Wait haven’t heard of that one? In the dumbest plan possible scientists make a microbe to eat the city`s trash, only to have it malfunction like Janet Jackson`s top. The third episode of GODZILLA: THE SERIES.

    For more information on Crackle`s Godzilla and Toho videos please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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