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    ANKOKU JOSHI (Girls in the Dark) Info and High-Res Photos from Toei and Showgate

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd., Showgate Inc. Official Site: (Japan)


    Distributors Showgate and Toei have provided information and photos from their upcoming release, ANKOKU JOSHI (????), an adaptation of the novel of the same name by author Rikako Akiyoshi. Akiyoshi`s story has been hailed as a masterpiece; a locked room mystery packed with betrayal and an ending that makes for uncomfortable reading. The film co-stars a number of popular Japanese starlets, led by Marie Iitoyo (KYORYUGER, CLOSEST LOVE TO HEAVEN) and the recently retired Fumika Shimizu (KAMEN RIDER FOURZE, HK / FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO, RYUZO AND THE SEVEN HENCHMEN, HENTAI KAMEN: THE ABNORMAL CRISIS). The supporting cast includes Nana Seino (DANGER DOLLS, TOKYO TRIBE, ALIBIS FOR HAPPINESS), Tina Tamashiro (SADAKO VS KAYAKO, WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE, POLICEMAN AND ME, SAGRADA RESET), Riria Kojima (RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER, WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE, SHURIKEN SENTAI NINNINGER VS TOQGER THE MOVIE: NINJA IN WONDERLAND) and Yuna Taira (SADAKO 3D, YELL FOR THE BLUE SKY, SAGRADA RESET). The theme song "#hashdark" is performed by the electro-rap duo STORY The Virgin Mary Girls Academy is a top high school for the daughters of the rich and famous. One day, Itsumi Shiraishi (Marie Iitoyo), the popular daughter of the Academy director, falls to her death from the roof of the school. No one knows whether it was suicide, an accident or murder. Eventually rumors begin to swirl that someone in the literature club that Itsumi had presided over killed her. Itsumi`s good friend Sayuri Sumikawa (Fumika Shimizu) takes over as chairman of the club and holds a meeting where the members recite their own works. The theme is "The Death of Itsumi Shiraishi", with each of the five authors charged with accusing another member as the "culprit". As the stories are read one by one, details of the incident are revealed... and so are the darkest secrets of all the members. Five accusations -- but are any of them true? CREDITS Japanese Theatrical Release: Saturday, April 1, 2017 (Nationwide Roadshow) Cast Sayuri Sumikawa: Fumika Shimizu Itsumi Shiraishi: Marie Iitoyo Shiyo Takaoka: Nana Seino Diana Decheba: Tina Tamashiro Akane Kominami: Riria Kojima Mirei Nitani: Yuna Taira Teacher Hojo: Yudai Chiba Staff Director: Saiji Yakumo Original Story: Ankoku Joshi by Rikako Akiyoshi (Futaba Paperback) Screenplay: Mari Okada Producers: Hitoshi Matsumoto, Naomi Akashi Cinematographer: Koichi Nakayama Theme Song: "#hashdark" by Production: ROBOT Distributors: Toei, Showgate © 2017 "Ankoku Joshi" Film Partners © Rikako Akiyoshi / Futabasha

    About Showgate Inc./Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.

    Established in 1990, Showgate Inc. (aka Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.) develops, produces and distributes a wide range of film and animation titles. They also handle worldwide sales of Japanese features and animation.

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    Established in 1951, Toei is one of the Japanese majors in cinema, covering production, distribution and exhibition through its own theater chains. The company owns two film studios located in Tokyo and Kyoto. Its library exceeds 20,000 titles including feature films, TV series and animation.

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