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    SAGRADA RESET Part 1 Info and High-Res Images

    Source: Showgate Inc. Official Site: (Japan)


    Distributor Showgate Inc. has provided information and photos from their upcoming release, SAGRADA RESET Part 1 (???????? ??, Sakurada Risetto Zenpen), based on the Sakurada Reset light novel series from writer Yutaka Kono and artist You Shiina. The movie stars Shuhei Nomura (HIBI ROCK: PUKE AFRO AND THE POP STAR, PUZZLE, CHIHAYAFURU, MUSEUM) and Yuina Kuroshima (JU-ON: THE BEGINNING OF THE END, STRAYER’S CHRONICLE, JU-ON -THE FINAL-, YO-KAI WATCH THE MOVIE 2016). SAGRADA RESET Part 1 will open in Japanese cinemas on March 25th. The concluding chapter, SAGRADA RESET Part 2 (???????? ??, Sakurada Risetto Kohen), follows on May 13th.


    Almost half of the residents in the closed city of Sakurada possess some form of special powers. Their powers are wide ranging; high school boy Kei Asai (Shuhei Nomura) has the ability to perfectly remember everything he experiences, while Misora Haruki (Yuina Kuroshima), who hangs out with Kei a lot, can turn back the time or "reset" the world. When the world is reset Haruki`s memory is also, but as she always remembers Kei. Together, the two of them can rewrite the world for a maximum of three days with both retaining their memories. However, Kei and Haruki share a past that can never be restored. It concerns their classmate Sumire Soma (Yuna Taira), who died as a consequence of a reset two years ago. As Kei meets with various gifted people in Sakurada, he begins to wonder if Soma can be brought back by combining their powers.


    Japanese Theatrical Release: Saturday, March 25, 2017 (Nationwide Roadshow) Cast Kei Asai: Shuhei Nomura Misora Haruki: Yuina Kuroshima Sumire Soma: Yuna Taira Tomoki Nakano: Kentaro Yoka Murase: Tina Tamashiro Eri Oka: Yuri Tsunematsu Sasane Ukawa: Rei Okamoto Yosuke Sakagami: Kenshiro Iwai Mirai Minami: Yuka Yano Shintaro Tsushima: Hisashi Yoshizawa Kagaya: Tomomi Maruyama Sakuin: Arisa Nakajima Hiroyuki Sasano: Goro Oishi The Witch: Mariko Kaga The Witch (Young): Makoto Okunaka Staff Director: Yoshihiro Fukagawa Original Story: Sakurada Reset by Yutaka Kono and You Shiina (Kadokawa Bunko/Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko) Screenwriter: Yoshihiro Fukagawa Music: Shin Kono Theme Song: "Last Call" by flumpool (A-Sketch) Production: "SAGRADA RESET" Film Partners Distributor: Showgate © 2017 "SAGRADA RESET" Film Partners

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