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    RUROUNI KENSHIN North American Premiere at 2012 LA EigaFest

    The live action manga adaptation RUROUNI KENSHIN will make its North American premiere in Los Angeles on December 14th. Photo courtesy of LA EigaFest. © Watsuki Nobuhiro/ Shueisha. © 2012

    Director Keishi Otomo to Attend Source: LA EigaFest press release Official Movie Site: (Japan) The hit film RUROUNI KENSHIN (??????, 2012) will make its North American premiere as the opening selection for the 2012 LA EigaFest. Rurouni Kenshi is a hugely popular manga series that has fans among not only those who read Japanese manga but is also beloved by people familiar with the subsequent anime series and video games. The film has succeeded in bringing the original story to a live action movie and was a blockbuster summer hit in Japan. The director, Keishi Otomo, will attend the premiere and opening red carpet ceremony. LA EigaFest is a Japanese film festival based in Los Angeles and hosted by the Japan Film Society. The event will run Friday, December 14 – Sunday, December 16, 2012 at the Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028. In addition to RUROUNI KENSHIN, the 2012 line up features some of the biggest and best films to come out of Japan over the last year including THE FLOATING CASTLE, THERMAE ROMAE, HELTER SKELTER, THE KIRISHIMA THING, RAKUGO EIGA and WOLF CHILDREN. Finally, a special screening of four selected short films will be presented in collaboration with Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.

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