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    THE KIRISHIMA THING Opens in Japan

    Everyone is Caught Up in the Turmoil of the Kirishima Thing... Source: Showgate, NTV (Nippon Television Network) Official Movie Site: (Japan)

    SPOILER WARNING: This article contains plot details and images from a new Japanese movie.

    Directed by Daihachi Yoshida, whose FUNUKE: SHOW SOME LOVE, YOU LOSERS! (??????????????? Funuke Domo, Kanashimi no Ai wo Misero, 2007) was officially selected for the Critics` Week at the 60th Cannes Film Festival, THE KIRISHIMA THING (???????????, Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo) is the perfect showcase of his unique portrayal of the dark side of people who end up being sympathetic. In this, his first time to work in the teenage milieu, he explores the human geography of a high school as it descends into turmoil caused by the unseen character of Kirishima. What results is a fascinating blend of character study, unforeseen twists and very real emotion with a final note of hopefulness. It`s another outing in Yoshida`s special brand of film entertainment. THE KIRISHIMA THING is based on the 2010 novel of the same name by Ryo Asai. Asai`s work was awarded "Newcomer of the Year" at the 22nd Subaru Prize for Literature. Story: Their world is the intense hierarchy of a High School. There are those that are "in" and those that are "out". The gods and the lesser mortals. The unspoken rule is that you know your place and do not cross the line. One day in the world of the elite, word comes that the seemingly-perfect Kirishima is quitting after-school activities. With no one having a clue as to why, rumors abound and the fragile ecosystem is plunged into chaos. His decision spoils the cozy complacency of the members of his circle and the tectonic plates of the social structure of his class begin to shift. Currents of jealousy run through the girls` world. His male classmates struggle with a sense of abandonment. Everyone is hypersensitive to the ramifications of his move. Meanwhile, at the lower depths of the social scale, the nerdy members of the film club are engulfed by a tidal wave of repercussion which spells big changes for the film project they are just about to embark upon. CREDITS Japanese Theatrical Release: August 11th, 2012 Running time: 103 minutes Screen Size: 2.35:1 Cast Ryoya Maeda: Ryunosuke Kamiki (THE GREAT YOKAI WAR, BIG MAN JAPAN, 20TH CENTURY BOYS 3: REDEMPTION) Kasumi Higashihara: Ai Hashimoto (SADAKO 3D, BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK, ANOTHER) Aya Sawashima: Suzuka Ohgo (KAMUI GAIDEN, OPPAI VOLLEYBALL) Hiroki Kikuchi: Masahiro Higashide Mika Miyabe: Kurumi Shimizu Risa: Mizuki Yamamoto Sana: Mayu Matsuoka (LOVE EXPOSURE, CHIPS) Ryuta: Motoki Ochiai (GANTZ, HARD ROMANTICKER) Tomohiro: Koudai Asaka Takefumi: Tomoya Maeno Kubo: Nobuyuki Suzuki Shiori: Takemi Fujii Fuusuke: Taiga (PANDEMIC) Staff Director: Daihachi Yoshida Original Story: Ryo Asai (Shueisha Inc.) Screenplay: Kohei Kiyasu, Daihachi Yoshida Cinematography: Ryuto Kondo Music: Tatsuo Kondo Producers: Takahiro Sato (DEATH NOTE, GANTZ), Yoko Edami Planning and Production: Nippon Television Network, Showgate Production Company: Ax-On, Inc. Theatrical Distribution: Showgate International Sales: NTV

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