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    A Look at US Publicity Materials for the Final 20TH CENTURY BOYS Movie Source: VIZ Pictures Official Site: Special Thanks to Rieko Fuji

    North American distributor VIZ Pctures has provided the following press notes for 20TH CENTURY BOYS 3: REDEMPTION, the final chapter in the hit Japanese sci-fi movie series. The film will be released on Region 1 DVD on June 1st and carry a MSRP of $24.92 U.S. / $35.99 CAN.


    Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi Starring Toshiaki Karasawa, Etsushi Toyokawa, Takako Tokiwa, Teruyuki Kagawa, Airi Taira Genre: Action/Sci-fi 2009 / Japan / 155 min. / Color This film is not rated. Japanese Theatrical Release: August 29, 2009 US Theatrical Premiere: August 28, 2009 © 1999, 2006 Naoki Urasawa, Studio Nuts / Shogakukan © 2009 “20th Century Boys” Film Partners


    20TH CENTURY BOYS 3: REDEMPTION is the third and final chapter of the mega hit 20TH CENTURY BOYS sci-fi action film trilogy from Japan. Attracting attention as the biggest film project of the century in the Japanese film industry, the production of the trilogy cost over $60 million, stars over 300 all-star cast members, with shooting taking place for an entire year.


    20TH CENTURY BOYS 1: BEGINNING OF THE END It all begins in 1969 when a young boy named Kenji and his friends write The Book of Prophecy. In their book, they write about a future where they fight against an evil organization trying to take over the world and bring about Doomsday.

    Years later in 1997, a mysterious cult led by a man only known as “Friend” has emerged and gained strong influence over society. A series of catastrophic events begin to occur, mirroring the prophecies made up by the young Kenji. The greatest fear is that the climax of The Book of Prophecy will become a reality: on December 31st, 2000, a terrifying giant virus-spreading robot will attack the entire city of Tokyo, leading to the end of mankind. 20TH CENTURY BOYS 2: THE LAST HOPE It is now 2015, and Friend rules a disturbing new world. Kenji’s niece Kanna is now in high school and her textbook contains a fabricated story about Kenji being the terrorist behind the horrific events of 2000. Kanna, knowing the truth, openly resents this, and as a result she is marked as a problem child and sent to Friend Land, a facility where people with rebellious anti-Friend behavior are re-educated. There, Kanna learns a crucial secret about Friend. The surviving secret base members have each spent the last 15 years in various activities opposing Friend and his regime. While trying to find out the truth about Friend, they discover the shocking existence of The New Book of Prophecy, the sequel to The Book of Prophecy, describing an event: In 2015, at a church in Shinjuku, a savior will rise to uphold justice but will be assassinated.


    It is Friend Era Year 3 (2017 A.D.) and the World President, Friend, rules the world. After the deadly virus spread in Tokyo, a wall was built around the city and people’s lives have been restricted. Friend tells everyone that on August 20th, aliens will destroy mankind and only those who believe in him will be saved.

    On the other hand, under the surface, the movement to stop Friend was still in motion. Kanna left the anti-government association, Genji Faction, led by Yoshitsune and became the leader of a more radical group known as the Ice Queen Faction. The former mother-like Yukiji sensed that Kanna was in danger but could not stop her from moving forward. Along with the worldly-beloved singer, Namio Haru, Maruo finally finds out where Kenji’s missing sister, Kiriko, is. There he finds Keroyon, who Maruo has not seen since the class reunion. Around the same time, Otcho makes his way back to Tokyo and reunites with Kanna, who is determined to take down Friend by any means. In order to get Kanna to stop her recklessness, Otcho makes her listen to Kenji’s new song that is playing on the radio to prove that he is still alive. While on the outside of the wall, a man was trying to pass through the barrier gate. He carried a guitar with him and calls himself Joe Yabuki. He says he is on his way to see Kanna. Is Kenji really still alive? What is Friend’s plan for August 20th? Will the mystery behind the true identity of Friend be revealed?


    TOSHIAKI KARASAWA (Kenji Endo) Born in 1963, Toshiaki Karasawa started to attract attention when he starred in the hit TV drama IN THE NAME OF LOVE (Aitoiu Nanomotoni) in 1992. He has starred in numerous big budget TV dramas as well as feature films and stage productions. More recently, he has appeared in films including Koki Mitani’s THE MAGIC HOUR (2008), CASSHERN (2004) and SUITE DREAMS (U-Choten Hotel) in 2006. ETSUSHI TOYOKAWA (Otcho) Otcho or Choji Ochiai was one of the Secret Base friends. Later he disappeared while working for a trade company in Thailand. He`s found working as an underground crime fighter, named Shogun, in Thailand. He goes back to Japan when Kenji contacts him so they can fight Friend together. Born in 1962, Etsushi Toyokawa became well known after starring in the popular TV thriller NIGHT HEAD in 1992. He has received multiple awards including both Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading and Supporting Role Awards from Japan Academy Awards. He has appeared in films including THE GREAT YOKAI WAR (Yokai Daisenso, 2005), SINKING OF JAPAN (Nihon Chinbotsu, 2006), 10 PROMISES TO MY DOG (Inu to Watashi no Ju no Yakusoku, 2008) and THOUGH THE PETALS HAVE FALLEN (Hana wa Chiredomo, 2008).

    TAKAKO TOKIWA (Yukiji Setoguchi) Yukiji was the only girl in the Secret Base gang. She was proficient in judo and tougher than the others. She became a customs officer as an adult. When a friend tells her about the Friend cult, Yukiji makes the connection between the cult and her childhood. In 2015 she is a concerned surrogate mother for Kanna, feeling responsible for her safety in Kenji`s absence. Born in 1972, Takako Tokiwa made her acting debut in the hit TV drama DEVIL`S KISS (Akuma no Kiss) in 1993. Her first film appearance was in Daniel Lee’s 1999 Hong Kong film MOONLIGHT EXPRESS (Xing yue tong hua). In recent years, she has appeared in films such as AFTER SCHOOL (2008) and TAMAMOE (2007). AIRI TAIRA (Kanna Endo) Kanna is Kiriko`s daughter and Kenji`s niece. Nobody knows who her father is. Her mother left her in Kenji`s care and disappeared. After Kenji goes missing after fighting Friend on Bloody New Year`s Eve, Yukiji became Kanna`s surrogate mother. Born in 1984 in Hyogo prefecture, Airi Taira debuted in the movie DREAM MAKER (1999) after winning the Japanese dance group DA PUMP’s ISSA’s Sister Role Grand Prix. She has appeared in films such as ARCH ANGELS (Warau Michael, 2006) and POLE TOPPLING (Bo Taoshi, 2003).

    TERUYUKI KAGAWA (Yoshitsune) Yoshitsune, or Takeshi Minamoto was one of the Secret Base gang. His unassuming character kept him from being recognized as an important member. After working as an incompetent photocopy machine salesman, he joined Kenji to fight Friend on Bloody New Year`s Eve. By 2015 he is active underground, leading a group of people called the Genji Faction to revolt against Friend some day. Born in 1965, Teruyuki Kagawa debuted as an actor in NHK Taiga drama series LADY KASUGA (Kasuga no Tsubone, 1989). He recently appeared in films such as TOKYO SONATA (2008), TOKYO! (2008) and SWAY (Yureru, 2006). He is also highly acclaimed as a writer.


    Cast Toshiaki Karasawa Etsushi Toyokawa Takako Tokiwa Teruyuki Kagawa Airi Taira Naohito Fujiki Hidehiko Ishiduka Hiroyuki Miyasako Kuranosuke Sasaki Koichi Yamadera Yukihiro Takahashi Shiro Sano

    Mirai Moriyama Arata Furuta Eiko Koike Haruka Kinami Mayuko Fukuda ARATA Nana Katase Naomasa Musaka Naoko Ken Soichiro Kitamura Toru Tezuka Kenichiro Tanabe Samat Sangsangium Zhao Rong CHEN Miyako Takeuchi Tamotsu Ishibashi Kanji Tsuda Ken Mitsuishi Kenji Endo Masanobu Takashima Atsushi Tamura (London Boots) Yoshinori Okada Musashi Tooru Takeuchi DIAMOND?YUKAI MCU Terumi Yoshida Akimasa Haraguchi Takumi Saito Ipei Souda Renji Ishibashi Katsuo Nakamura Hitomi Kuroki Staff Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi Original graphic novel 20th Century Boys and 21st Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa, published by Shogakukan, Inc. Screenplay: Takashi Nagasaki, Naoki Urasawa Music: Ryomei Shirai Theme song: “20th Century Boy” – T.REX (Imperial Records) Executive Producer: Seiji Okuda Planning: Takashi Nagasaki (Studio B) Producers: Nobuyuki Iinuma, Morio Amagi, Ryuji Ichiyama Co-Producer: Makoto Omura Associate Director: Hisashi Kimura Director of Photography: Satoru Karasawa Production Designer: Naoki Soma Lighting Director: Akio Kimura Sound Recording: Mitsuo Tokita Editor: Nobuyuki Ito VFX Supervisor: Koji Nozaki Assistant Director: Tatsuya Shiraishi Production Coordinator: Hidekazu Yoshizaki Line Producer: Kimihiko Tsurugaya Produced by: NTV, Shogakukan, Toho, VAP, Yomiuri Television, Dentsu, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Cine Bazaar, Office Crescendo, d-rights, STV/MMT/SDT/CTV/HTV/FBS Production Companies: Cine Bazaar, Office Crescendo NTV 55th Anniversary Film

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