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    THE LAST GODFATHER Gets North American Release in April

    DRAGON WARS Director`s Newest Comedy Comes to the US Author: Kim Song-ho Source: Younggu Art and CJ Entertainment official press materials Official Movie Site: THE LAST GODFATHER

    Korean poster for THE LAST GODFATHER. © 2010 Younggu Art

    The Korean studio CJ Entertainment announced on January 26 (Korean date) that the company and the American distributor Roadside Attractions LLC have reached a deal via MOU (memorandum of understanding) for the North American release of THE LAST GODFATHER (??? ???, 2010). The movie is the latest comedy by writer/director Shim Hyung-rae, the filmmaker behind such monster movies as YONGGARY (??? aka REPTILIAN, 1999/2001) and DRAGON WARS (D-WAR, 2007). THE LAST GODFATHER is about Young-gu (played by director Shim himself, who is also a popular comedian and actor in Korea), who in fact is a long-lost son of the 1950s fictional New York mob boss Don Carini (Harvey Keitel). Before retirement, Don Carini calls the dim-witted Young-gu to New York and announces he will be the next godfather. Following the Don`s orders, his henchmen try to educate Young-gu on how to "fight like a man" and become a true gangster. A series of unexpected comedic incidents ensue. Roadside has set the North American release date of THE LAST GODFATHER for April 1 (not so coincidentally April Fools` Day in the west). Unlike Shim`s previous work DRAGON WARS which theatrically opened nationwide, the roadshow will first begin in 12 major cities in the US and Canada, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver. In Canada, Roadside`s partner Maple Pictures will take charge of the release. Possibly Roadside and Maple may announce plans to release the movie in other areas in the foreseeable future. Home video rights will be handled by Lionsgate, Roadside`s parent company. THE LAST GODFATHER opened in Korea on December 29 (a day earlier than the originally announced release date of December 30) and has attracted 2.55 million admissions so far. The critical reception has been in the range of mixed to negative.

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