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    Mill Creek Offering Replacement Copies of GAMERA 3 Blu-ray

    Source: Mill Creek Entertainment Special Thanks to Chris Smith and Barrett Evans

    Send Mill Creek your GAMERA 3 Blu-ray cover sleeve to receive a free replacement disc with corrected subtitles. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. © 1999 Kadokawa Pictures, Inc.

    Last September, Mill Creek Entertainment released the acclaimed daikaiju film GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS (???3 ?????????, Gamera 3: Jyashin Iris Kakusei, 1999) on Blu-ray, both as a single disc and as part of a GAMERA TRILOGY Collector`s Edition set. The bargain priced (SRP: $9.98) release -- packed with nearly 3 hours of Gamera bonus features -- was unfortunately marred by subtitling problems, including subtitles which were out of sync with onscreen dialogue and text. Mill Creek is now offering free replacement copies of GAMERA 3 for people who are having issues with the subtitles. They`ve asked SciFi Japan to run the following message... GAMERA 3 Replacements now available! If you are having problems with the subtitles on GAMERA 3, please send your artwork wrap (as proof of purchase) with your contact and mailing information to Mill Creek and we will send you a new GAMERA 3 (with artwork). Mill Creek`s address is: Mill Creek Entertainment 2445 Nevada Ave N Golden Valley, MN 55427 Mill Creek is to be commended for their excellent customer service. For additional information or answers to any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. UPDATE (February 1, 2012): Mill Creek has provided some additional information to answer the most frequently asked GAMERA 3 questions from the past 24 hours... • To get their replacement copy, customers only need to mail in the paper sleeve with the cover artwork. Mill Creek is not asking for the original disc or Blu-ray case; just the artwork. • The GAMERA 3 replacement Blu-rays will include the full disc/packaging/art, all shrink wrapped straight from the manufacturer. • Mill Creek can accept returns from Canada as well as the United States. They do not have international rights to GAMERA 3 which prevents them from handling requests from other countries. • People who do not already own the GAMERA 3 Blu-ray can buy the new version at That is the only retail source for the corrected Blu-ray at this time.

    About Mill Creek Entertainment

    Mill Creek Entertainment is a source of value home video entertainment. Helmed by a management team with over eighty years of experience in the consumer home entertainment marketplace, the company produces entertainment products that typically sell in quantity, at impulse price-points, while adhering to high standards of quality unsurpassed in the industry. The Mill Creek product line encompasses many genres, speaks to broad consumer tastes and has found favor with both North American and emerging Latin markets. The company`s DVD product line consists of classic movies, television episodes, historical documentaries and feature films.

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