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    Privateer Press Announces Additional Products for MONSTERPOCALYPSE

    Source: Privateer Press press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Bobby Stickel Privateer Press has announced additional products for its new collectible miniatures game, MONSTERPOCALYPSE. These products include the MONSTERPOCALYPSE Series 1: Rise Strategy Guide, two varieties of Accessory Packs and the MONSTERPOCALYPSE: Rise Map Pack. The MONSTERPOCALYPSE Series 1: Rise Strategy Guide (PIP 50008) contains 64 full-color pages of tips, tactics, spoilers, and commentary on every figure, faction, map, and format. Also included is an EXCLUSIVE double-sided battle map. MSRP for the Strategy Guide is $14.99 and will be available in October. “We’ve created more than just a resource for players and tournament organizers,” said Erik Yaple, Lead Game Developer for MONSTERPOCALYPSE. “The Strategy Guide compiles all the tricks and inside knowledge straight from the designers behind the game. A lot of the ‘nasty stuff’ that came out of our R&D and play test sessions made it into this guide, which will allow players to dominate the field and really get the full potential out of their forces.” The Accessory Packs (PIP 50005-blue and PIP 50006-red) contain 31 color-coded ID rings needed to tell a player’s figures apart from his opponent’s on the table, and help organize a player’s forces. Also included is an extra Monster Health Tracker and full set of Power, Action and Boost dice needed for multi-monster battles. Available with either red or blue ID rings, the Accessory Packs retail for $14.99 MSRP each.

    Players can also purchase the Monsterpocalypse: Rise Map Pack (PIP 50004). This Map Pack contains 3 double-sided maps, giving players brand new cities to stomp and smash. Each city map provides a unique gaming experience allowing for endless strategic options. Also included in the Map Pack is the EXCLUSIVE “Government Building” figure. “Everyone has been asking about the ‘Government Building’ and the Map Pack is the only place to get it,” continued Yaple. The MONSTERPOCALYPSE: Rise Map Pack will retail for $14.99 MSRP. The Accessory Packs and the Map Pack will be arriving in stores in time for the Holidays. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For more information on MONSTERPOCALYPSE please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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