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    SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO Real Escape Game x Haunted House Now Operating in Tokyo

    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA

    Experience the terror of Sadako, Japan's great horror icon, in English or Japanese!
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    Official Site: (Japanese), (English)

    TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is now hosting SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO (貞子 呪いのビデオからの脱出, Sadako Noroi no Bideo Kara no Dasshutsu), a new Real Escape Game featuring the world famous J-Horror icon.

    Sadako was introduced in Koji Suzuki's 1991 novel Ring (リング, Ringu), which told the story of a cursed video that kills whoever sees it. The story was first adapted for Japanese television before finding international acclaim with the 1998 feature film version. The climactic scene of Sadako crawling out of a TV screen to murder one of her victims sent shockwaves through Japan and led to a series of sequels (the most recent being 2022's SADAKO DX) as well as a hit Hollywood remake. Sadako is most famous for her white one-piece dress and long black hair that covers her face.

    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA

    SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO iwas developed by SCRAP, who debuted their first Real Escape Game -- known in Japan as  "Real D Game" (リアル脱出ゲーム, Riaru Dasshutsu Gēmu) -- in 2007. Since then, more than 9.4 million people have participated in the events, which expand on the "escape room" premise to give players a daring live action, interactive entertainment experience.  Real Escape Games have been held in venues across Japan, as well as Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, San Francisco, and other places around the world. The company recently found great success with their GODZILLA APPROACHING: HOTEL ESCAPE (ゴジラ迫るホテルからの脱出, Gojira Semaru Hoteru Kara no Dasshutsu) Real Escape Game at the Atami Bay Resort.

    The Sadako game is co-produced by Hirofumi Gomi of OfficeBurn, Inc. a renowned designer who has created haunted house attractions all over Japan. The most distinctive feature of this event is Sadako, who now enters the real world to confront game players as they search the house for clues to survive her deadly curse. Solving the riddles amidst the tension of never knowing when Sadako will appear is an experience like becoming the main character in one of THE RING movies.

    With coronavirus restrictions now lifting and the number of foreign visitors to Japan on the rise, the producers have also begun an English-language version of SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO, giving players the opportunity to tempt their fates in either English or Japanese.

    ■ Story

    Death comes to those who watch it. 30 minutes is the limit.
    It appears that Sadako’s “cursed video” exists in real life.

    The rumors point to a single house where this video had been discovered.
    They say that all who stepped foot inside have yet to return.
    >Unable to contain your curiosity, you made your way there.
    The house is old with no signs of life within. The front door is unlocked. Your heart pounds as you step inside.
    Through the darkness, one thing catches your eye – a lone TV sitting in the middle of the room…

    Unexplainable phenomena. A dark shadow following your every move.
    Is it really Sadako? How can you break the curse?

    Summon all the courage you have and investigate the house for a way to evade death. Will you survive?


    Real Escape Game x Haunted House SADAKO AND THE CURSED VIDEO Overview

    ■ Venue
    APM Building, 1-27-5 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021
    (7 minute walk from East Exit of JR Shinjuku Station / 2 minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station)

    ■ Dates
    Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 

    ■ Play Format
    Duration of Game: Approximately 60 to 80 Minutes
    Number of Participants: Maximum 4 Players per Team

    ■ Advance Ticket Prices
    4-Person Team Ticket: 2,600円 (Approximately $18.58 U.S.) Per Person (Total: 10,400円/Approximately $74.31 U.S.)
    3-Person Team Ticket: 3,100円 (Approximately $22.15 U.S.) Per Person (Total: 9,300円/ Approximately $66.45 U.S.)
    2-Person Team Ticket: 3,600円 (Approximately $25.72 U.S.) Per Person (Total: 7,200円/ Approximately 51.45 U.S.)

    All prices include tax.
    *Ticket prices differ for Saturdays, Sundays, holidays & high season, and day-of-performance tickets. Please check the official event website for details.




    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA

    ■ Success/Failure Sticker Set (脱出成功/失敗ステッカーセット,  Dasshutsu Seikō / Shippai Sutekkā Setto)
    Price: 300円  (Approximately $2.25 U.S.)
    Circular: φ55mm (2.2 Inches)
    Square: W50 x H50mm (W2 x H2 Inches)
    Did you survive? Or did you fail?

    Take home a memento of the event with your outcome! Two stickers per set.



    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA

    ■ Letter Set (レターセット,  Retā Setto)
    Price: 1,000円 (Approximately $7.50 U.S.)
    Envelope: W162×H114mm (W6.4 x H4.5 Inches)
    Letter Paper: W148×H190mm (W5.8 x H7.5 Inches)

    Perfect for fans of Sadako.

    A videotape design envelope and a letter paper with Sadako emerging from the top. Open the envelope and witness Sadako jump out at you!







     Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA

    ■ Clear File with Puzzles (謎付きクリアファイル,  Nazotsuki Kuria Fairu)
    Price: 1,000円 (Approximately $7.50 U.S.)
    Size:. A4
    The story continues after the event!
    Find out what happened to Yoshi while enjoying more puzzles!

    *Can be enjoyed by those who did not join the event as well.
    *Puzzles are only in Japanese.

    Photo courtesy of SCRAP. ©SCRAP © KADOKAWA


    About SCRAP

    SCRAP Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 as a free paper publishing company in Kyoto, Japan  (The free paper is now on hiatus). SCRAP has become popular for hosting and producing immersive and adventurous puzzle events; renting out amusement parks and stadiums to create real-life escape games, creating riddles for books, apps, and TV programs, and helping companies plan mystery-solving promotional events. Their live action Real Escape Games have been held in schools, abandoned hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and churches across Asia, and made their U.S debut in San Francisco in 2012. Riding on their momentum, the company has also launched a fan club, "Detective Boys SCRAP Club" (少年探偵SCRAP団, Shonen Tantei SCRAP-dan). SCRAP continues to collaborate with TV stations and record companies, and is constantly creating new forms of entertainment.


    TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS is the mysterious “theme park” that opened in December 2017 in Shinjukuʼs Kabukicho. Starting with the ”Real Escape Game” which takes you on a puzzle-solving journey with unique storylines, this fresh concept entertainment facility houses many different types of “mysterious” immersive game and event content!

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