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    Source: Barbican Centre Special Thanks to Laura Bushell, Sarah Harvey Publicity In the mighty city of Metropolis, powerful men jockeying for position under dictator Duke Red plot their own advancement, while detective Ban and his nephew come from overseas hunting an international criminal. Meanwhile the Duke is driving technology to its limits in pursuit of two insane dreams - control of a superweapon and recovery of a beloved, lost child - while another child yearns for his love and approval. All the while, the rumblings of dissent are growing, as a despised urban underclass seeks justice in this very contemporary classic. On June 24, the Barbican Centre in London will host a theatrical screening of the 2001 anime film METROPOLIS, directed by Rintaro (GALAXY EXPRESS 999, DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS). The movie is based on the

    Part 1: Go Speed Go! A Series Overview Part 2: Racers Start Your Engines! How it All Began Part 3: Speed Racer is Born! MACH GO GO GO Comes to the U.S. Part 4: What Came Next? Sequels and Remakes by James Long Once MACH GO GO GO finished its initial Japanese broadcast run in March of 1968, the series remained popular and well remembered thanks to it being shown in syndicated reruns. As a result, toys and model kits based on the series continued to sell quite well, and were readily available for many years after the show ceased production. There were even attempts to expand these lines by creating new items like model kits of vehicles that never appeared in the series, such as a Mach 6 racing car and a motorcycle named "Gallant." With that kind of

    An Introduction to SPEED RACER Author: James Long "Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer. He’s a demon on wheels." We’ve all heard that theme song, and more than likely have it indelibly etched into our brains. As memorable as the song is, how often have you thought about the series that it represents, and the long history that led it to being one of the best remembered animated series of the 1960s? Our goal here is to lead you through that history, from the origins of the series up to and including the upcoming live action SPEED RACER feature film! So sit back and buckle in, cuz’ "Adventure’s waiting just ahead..." Before we get too deeply into the history of this anime classic, we should remember that there are those out there who aren’t familiar with the world of Speed Racer. So, for both of those

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