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    Monsters on Guard at Kadokawa Daiei Studios

    Daimajin and Gamera on Display at Their Home Studio Author: Daisuke Ishizuka

    It is well known among tokusatsu fans that there is a 2m tall bronze statue of Godzilla at the entrance of Toho studios. But there is one more famous daikaiju spot in Tokyo... Kadokawa Daiei studios. While the general public cannot enter the studio grounds, there are two Daimajin statues to welcome visitors at the entrance. The "Great Angry God" Daimajin was a character created by Daiei and featured in three movies in 1966. Both Daimajins are impressive works of art standing 4.5m tall. Last December, one Majin wore a Santa Claus costume while the other had reindeer horns on its head. That was very bad idea because the Daimajins did not look cool. I hope that they never do costume play again. There is also the SHOP MAJIN at the side of entrance of the studios where some props and rare items from the Heisei Gamera series are on display. I have heard that a Gamera suit and Iris suit from GAMERA 3: REVENGE OF IRIS are displayed in the studio cafeteria, but I could not confirm it. If we were to try to sneak onto the studios to see the Gamera props I suspect we would be caught by Daimajin. He is still the guardian of Kadokawa Daiei.

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