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    New South Korean Monster Movie Announced

    "Burnt Rodent" Coming from the Director of CHAW Author: Kim Song-ho Source: Taewon Entertainment Jung Woo-sung stars in the new Korean creature feature JAKSEOUI BYEON: MULGOEUI SEUPGYEOK (??? ?: ??? ??). The official English title is not yet available, but can literally be translated into "THE INCIDENT OF BURNT RODENT: ATTACK OF THE STRANGE CREATURE".

    The film is helmed by Shin Jung-won, who brought us CHAW (??, Chaw, 2009), in which a giant killer boar terrorizes a small mountain town. Shooting begins at the end of February. Taewon Entertainment is producing. JAKSEOUI BYEON is a hybrid of the creature film and the period drama. Set in 1527, the 22nd year since Jungjong, then the king of Joseon Dynasty, began ruling the nation. A strange creature appears in the palace where the king resides, and there are also threats of treason. The film is based on a true story, when a rat, horribly disfigured and burnt, was found in the palace. It was thought to be an act of imprecation, because the disfigured rat somewhat resembled a pig and the crown prince was born in the year of the pig. A curse against the crown prince was considered as treason, so the incident led to a bloodbath for the throne. It is expected that the film may tweak the history a bit, and a formidable creature will enter the scene. Star Jung Woo-sung will play Yoongyeom, a loyal subject to Jungjong. As he investigates the secret of the creature, he must also take a stand against those who seek treason and protect the king. Recently Jung has enjoyed a career resurgence after starring in the 2013 thriller COLD EYES (????, Gamsijadeul), which was successful both financially and critically. Last year he appeared in two films -- SCARLET INNOCENCE (?? ??, Madam Baengdeok), a sensual melodrama, and THE DIVINE MOVE (?? ? ?, Sineui hansu), an action-thriller. Reportedly director Shin made the protagonist Yoongyeom specifically with Jung in mind. Weta Digital, the powerhouse effects workshop behind THE LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT films, AVATAR and the 2005 KING KONG remake will supervise the visual effects of the film. In recent years, South Korea has released several creature features that received international distribution. In addition to CHAW, titles have included THE HOST (??, Gwoemul, 2006), DRAGON WARS (??, D-War, 2007), SECTOR 7 (7??, Chil gwanggu, 2011) and SPECKLES THE TARBOSAURUS (???: ???? ?? 3D, Jumbagi: Hanbandoui gongryong 3D, 2012).

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