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    SHIN GODZILLA Stomps on Australian and New Zealand Cinemas in October

    Source: Madman Entertainment press release Official Site: (Japan), (Australia) Special Thanks to Ben Pollock

    Madman Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the first new Toho Godzilla film in over a decade, SHIN GODZILLA (??????, Shin Gojira, 2016) -- screening in Australian cinemas from October 13 and New Zealand cinemas from October 20. Tickets and cinemas available from Written and directed by Hideaki Anno, the visionary filmmaker behind EVANGELION -- the King of Monsters receives a terrifying resurgence for a new generation in SHIN GODZILLA. Not only is this the tallest incarnation of Godzilla ever to appear on-screen, but the monster is also heavily inspired by the iconic 1954 original.


    It’s a peaceful day in Japan when a strange fountain of water erupts in the bay, causing panic to spread among government officials. At first, they suspect only volcanic activity, but one young executive dares to wonder if it may be something different... something alive. His worst nightmare comes to life when a massive, gilled monster emerges from the deep and begins tearing through the city, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. As the government scrambles to save the citizens, a rag-tag team of volunteers cuts through a web of red tape to uncover the monster’s weakness and its mysterious ties to a foreign superpower. But time is not on their side -- the greatest catastrophe to ever befall the world is about to evolve right before their very eyes. SHIN GODZILLA arrives in Australian cinemas, October 13; and New Zealand cinemas, October 20. For tickets and more, visit

    Australian trailer, courtesy of Madman. © 2016 TOHO CO., LTD.

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