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    LOCK-ON LOVE Press Notes and High-Res Photos from Toei

    Source: Toei Co., Ltd. Official Site: (Japan)


    Toei has provided press notes and high-res photos from LOCK-ON LOVE (???????????, Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi), the live-action film based on Nana Shiiba’s manga, Are You Ready? Hey You Girl!

    Taishi Nakagawa (YOUR LIE IN APRIL, CLOSEST LOVE TO HEAVEN, ReLIFE, RAINBOW DAYS) stars as the "ultimate loser boy", high school student Towa Furuya, a role he originated in the ARE YOU READY? HEY YOU GIRL television drama that aired this past June. He is joined by two other returning cast mates... Jiei Wakabayashi (SOLOMON`S PERJURY) as Towa`s friend, Ryusei Kuze, and Teppei Koike (KIDS, SABUIBO MASK, EATING WOMEN) as teacher Ryuji Masaki. Rising star Erika Karata (ASAKO, LOVE X DOC) plays the object of Towa`s affection, the "cool beauty", Misono Miwa. LOCK-ON LOVE is directed by Noboru Iguchi (MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR, DEAD SUSHI, LIVE). The movie opens in Japanese cinemas on October 12, 2018.


    Ever since he was little, the handsome Towa Furuya (Taishi Nakagawa) has been surrounded and adored by girls. Their attention has convinced him he is irresistible to females, but in actual fact, he has never had a girlfriend and has zero experience with the opposite sex, which of course means he is also a virgin... One day, a classmate who has a girlfriend tells Towa, “Face it, you’re for ‘ornamental use only’!” Thinking that his good looks mean getting himself a girlfriend will be a piece of cake, he loudly makes a vow: “I’m gonna get a girlfriend!” He sets his sights on the most popular girl in his year at school, the beautiful but unyielding Misono Miwa (Erika Karata), who has turned down every boy who has asked her out. Towa proposes to Misono with overflowing confidence, but she rejects him instantly, calling his proposal “crummy”! He never imagined he would be unsuccessful, and can’t accept the reality of his situation, which only motivates him even more. Undaunted, he continues to ask her out, but is shot down every time... However, the more Towa persists with his pursuit of Misono, the more he becomes aware of her kindness and good nature, which makes him fall in love with her for real. Then he comes to a shocking realization: she only has eyes for her art teacher, Ryuji Masaki (Teppei Koike)... A handsome young man comes to terms with being a loser, and does everything he can to win the heart of the only girl he has ever fallen in love with. Will he be able to overcome his inadequacies, and finally get himself a girlfriend?!


    Japanese Theatrical Release: Friday, October 12, 2018 Running Time: 95 Minutes Cast Towa Furuya: Taishi Nagakawa Misono Miwa: Erika Karata Ritsu Niimi: Kentaro Ito Ichiya Sawada: Shouma Kai Ryusei Kuze: Jiei Wakabayashi Yoshiyoshi Arakawa Ryuji Masaki: Teppei Koike Staff Director: Noboru Iguchi Screenplay: Lee Jung-Hee Original Story: Are You Ready? Hey You Girl! by Nana Shiiba (published in Shueisha`s Margaret) Producer: Yuka Jinbo (Toei Company, Ltd.) Music: KYOHEI (Honey L Days) Theme Song: "Hibiscus" by Naoto Inti Raymi (Universal Sigma) Distributor and World Sales: Toei Co., Ltd. © 2018 "Lock-On Love" Movie Production Committee © Nana Shiiba/Shueisha

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