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    LOVE X DOC Info and Photos from Asmik Ace

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    Asmik Ace has provided information and high-res photos from their upcoming romantic comedy LOVE X DOC (??×???, Rabu × Dokku). Opening in Japan on May 11th, LOVE X DOC is the directorial debut of screenwriter Osamu Suzuki (LOVE COMPLEX, HANDSOME SUIT, SHINJUKU SWAN). Suzuki was inspired by the growing popularity of girls` manga in Japan to create an original "love story that can be enjoyed by adults". The lead role is played by Yo Yoshida, a popular television and film actress whose credits include TIME TRIP APP (?????, Bakumatsu Kokosei, 2014), HERO (2015), SCOOP! (????!, Sukuupu!, 2016) and GOOD MORNING SHOW (???????????, Guddo Mooningu Shoo, 2016). The supporting cast includes Shuhei Nomura (HIBI ROCK: PUKE AFRO AND THE POP STAR, SAGRADA RESET), Kotaro Yoshida (THE NEXT GENERATION PATLABOR -TOKYO WAR-, THE LIES SHE LOVED), Ryoko Hirosue (SNOW ON THE BLADES, THE NUTCRACKER 3D) and Kaname Kawabata of the R&B duo CHEMISTRY. Story Romance is never a waste! You want love. You want romance. But no more failed relationships. This is the clinic for you. A certain town has a clinic that specializes in romance, called the Love Doc. Its significance is best understood by the kinds of people who fall in love easily. So one day, a popular pastry chef named Asuka Goda drops by. She`s on the way to a successful life, but her vulnerability to love ends up costing her job and best friend. So the Love Doc director, Reiko Fuyuki, offers Asuka a special drug developed from genetic information and blood analysis. Once injected, she`ll never fall into a harmful romance again. Call it a vaccine against bad relationships... but can it put her on the "right" romantic track? I want to fall in love! I want to enjoy life! But the ideal and the reality do not mesh. The give such women hope, love begins at the genetic level in the ultimate love comedy!

    Credits Japanese Theatrical Release: Friday, May 11, 2018 (Nationwide Roadshow) Running Time: 114 Minutes Cast Asuka Goda: Yo Yoshida Seiya Hanada: Shuhei Nomura Chigusa Hosoya: Kayoko Okubo Kenichi Gonda: Atsushi Shinohara Misaki Ueda: Erika Karata Bar Manager: Kaname Kawabata (CHEMISTRY) Asuka`s Ex: Jundai Yamada Asuka`s Former Coworker: Takuma Otoo Tropical Fish Store Manager: Gitan Otsuru Miki Sakuragi: Ryo Narita Reiko Fuyuki: Ryoko Hirosue Junji Awai: Kotaro Yoshida (Special Appearance) Shunsuke Nomura: Hiroshi Tamaki Staff Director: Osamu Suzuki Screenplay: Osamu Suzuki Producer: Masako Yamada Art Director: Kazuna Iida Music: Miliyah Kato Theme Song: Miliyah Kato Production: "Love × Doc" Film Partners (Asmik Ace, Inc., Kansai Telecasting Corporation) Distributor: Asmik Ace, Inc.

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