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    DAIMAJIN Triple Feature Blu-ray Final Cover Art Revealed

    First look at the complete wraparound cover art for the DAIMAJIN Triple Feature Blu-ray. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. © Kadokawa Pictures, Inc. NHFN/1966

    Source: Mill Creek Entertainment Special Thanks to Barrett Evans and Chris Smith


    Mill Creek has revealed the final wraparound cover art for their DAIMAJIN Triple Feature Collector`s Edition Blu-ray, streeting September 18, 2012. The 2-disc set includes high definition transfers for all three Majin films -- DAIMAJIN (???), RETURN OF DAIMAJIN (?????, Daimajin Ikaru), and DAIMAJIN STRIKES AGAIN (?????, Daimajin Gyakushu) -- plus extensive bonus features from the Kadokawa Pictures vaults. Check back with SciFi Japan for more DAIMAJIN Triple Feature Collector`s Edition Blu-ray exclusives in the near future.

    Screen shot from the HD transfer of DAIMAJIN STRIKES AGAIN, which will also feature (for the first time ever) an optional English dubbed audio track. Photo courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment. © Kadokawa Pictures, Inc. NHFN/1966

    About Mill Creek Entertainment

    Mill Creek Entertainment is a source of value home video entertainment. Helmed by a management team with over eighty years of experience in the consumer home entertainment marketplace, the company produces entertainment products that typically sell in quantity, at impulse price-points, while adhering to high standards of quality unsurpassed in the industry. The Mill Creek product line encompasses many genres, speaks to broad consumer tastes and has found favor with both North American and emerging Latin markets. The company`s DVD product line consists of classic movies, television episodes, historical documentaries and feature films.

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