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    Godzilla: Oblivion Exclusive: Tadd Galusha Previews His Cover For Issue #3

    Source: Tadd Galusha Official Site: IDW Publishing Special Thanks to Bobby Curnow

    Colored cover artwork for Godzilla: Oblivion #3, courtesy of artist Tadd Galusha. © 2016 Toho Co., Ltd.


    Artist Tadd Galusha (Dream Thief, In The Dark) has offered SciFi Japan readers an exclusive preview -- and a look at the making -- of his cover artwork for Godzilla: Oblivion #3. Godzilla: Oblivion is a five part comic book mini-series debuting this March from IDW Publishing. The story is set on an Earth where monsters don`t exist... until a scientist creates a portal to another dimension where kaiju are ruled by Godzilla. Tadd has created one of the variant covers for the third issue, which will be available from comic book shops and retailers in May. Tadd`s recent work includes a scifi/action comedy webcomic called The Backwoods for his site, The content is free and a new page is posted every Monday. "If people like Werewolves, aliens, dogs, cryptids and acts of comedic violence then they`ll probably enjoy The Backwoods", he explained. He is also currently doing a graphic novel about a Tyrannosaurus rex during the upper Cretaceous, slated for release by Oni Press in 2017. Art previews are regularly posted on his site and on twitter. "I`m starting to sell art prints on my site store, if people are looking to help support either or both projects and also get something cool for their walls," he added. "Right now, the only dinosaur print I have available is the `T-Rex Hunt` art print, but there are a couple different dinosaur ones that are getting ready to drop in March. Also a vintage style fight poster and mock band poster for The Backwoods will be dropping in March some time." In addition to sharing his Godzilla: Oblivion artwork, Tadd described his process in creating the cover...

    Stage 1: Layouts When first asked to do a variant I didn`t know much about the storyline, so I fleshed out several different ideas. Layout number four was most liked by editorial and we moved forward with that one.

    Stage 2: Line Art After completing the pencils I thought it was missing something, so in the inks I added in a Tokyo cityscape in the background. You can make out Tokyo Tower if you look close enough. During the inks, I tried to keep in mind the areas of energy projection, so that in the colors I could really try and push the crazy vibrancy. Stage 3: Colors I digital worked using numerous layers, but went with a painterly approach with the areas of atomic energy and electricity. The color pallet was kept pretty basic in strategy with mostly warm colors versus cool. So the release point of Godzilla`s atomic breathe, which is the most vibrant cool section, is the designed focal point. I hope people enjoy my cover enough to run out and pick it up in May, as well as the rest of the series that starts up this March.

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