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    GODZILLA MINUS ONE Streaming on Netflix, Available for Digital Rental and Purchase on June 1

     GODZILLA MINUS ONE is now streaming in North America! Photo courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD.

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    The wait to watch the record-breaking, Academy Award-winning GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0, ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan, 2023) on demand in North America is officially over. Fans of the King of the Monsters can now stream GODZILLA MINUS ONE on Netflix, with GODZILLA MINUS ONE and GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR (ゴジラ-1.0/C,ゴジラマイナスワン/マイナスカラー, Gojira Mainasu Wan/Mainasu Karā, 2024) digital purchase and digital rental available across popular platforms.

    GODZILLA MINUS ONE is available to stream on Netflix starting June 1, subtitled and dubbed in Japanese, English, and more languages in North America. GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR will be available to stream on Netflix later this summer.

    The subtitled versions of GODZILLA MINUS ONE and GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR can also be purchased or rented digitally in subtitled versions starting June 1 on Amazon, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, and FandangoNOW/VUDU, inDemand, XBOX, and Vubiquity. The films will also be offered through Dish and DirecTV for digital purchase and rental.

    From Director, Screenwriter, and Visual Effects Supervisor Takashi Yamazaki, GODZILLA MINUS ONE and GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR stars Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Sakura Ando, and Kuranosuke Sasaki, with music by Naoki Sato.

    GODZILLA MINUS ONE opened in North American theaters on December 1, 2023 nationwide after being shown in participating premium large format theaters for Early Access Fan Event Screenings on November 29. Its black and white version, GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR, released in North America on January 26, 2024, running for one week only through February 1, 2024.

    Before arriving on digital platforms, Godzilla Minus One helped celebrate the 70th anniversary of Godzilla by becoming a global critical success with a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, and commercial success as it became the highest grossing Japanese live-action film in US Box Office History as well as the #3 top grossing Foreign Film in US Box Office History.

    In March, GODZILLA MINUS ONE became the first ever Japanese film to be nominated for, and win, the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, with its recipients including Director, Writer, and Visual Effects Supervisor, Takashi Yamazaki, Visual Effects Director Kiyoko Shibuya, 3D CG Director Masaki Takahashi, and Effects Artist & Compositor Tatsuji Nojima.

    About Toho Co. Ltd.

    Toho Company provides high-quality entertainment to a wide range of customers through its film production, distribution, and exhibition business, which is solidly supported by its real estate business including the Shinjuku Toho Building and Hibiya Chante, animation production, DVD software production and sales, and TOHO Cinemas' efforts to expand its network of multiplex cinemas. Among these, "Godzilla," which has been around since 1954, is Toho's flagship IP that has many fans around the world and has been loved for many years.


    About Toho International

    Toho International, Inc., the Japanese studio’s U.S.-based subsidiary, has brought classic Godzilla, with 70 years of storytelling and monster mayhem, brand awareness and excitement to audiences around the world through a comprehensive licensing program spanning toys & collectibles, gaming, apparel, accessories, publishing, seasonal, housewares, food & beverage, and many more categories. With over 25 live-action films, numerous animated films and series, and more action-packed new content to come, Toho has captured the love and attention of Godzilla fans from all across the globe. Always-on content accessible across multiple streaming platforms has put Godzilla and other Toho monsters at the forefront of consumers' minds as the franchise gears up for an exciting next generation of storytelling and fandom.




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